The secure messaging app that puts your privacy in your hands, simply.
Chatterly Features
Features industry standard security and encryption on both the device and the server with secure connections between the server and the device. All addresses are stored as hashes only.
Public Chat
Want to have a real-time conversation about your blog post? Want to discuss any topic with a wider audience? Create a public chat, post the link on your favourite social media and start chatting.
Messages, documents, images and videos can be set to Autodestruct within a given time, and they will be deleted on your device and all other devices.
A powerful search function allows you to search tags for easy organization of your contacts. You can also invite evetyone in a tag to a conversation.
You have the ability to delete / terminate your own messages and documents from all devices, provided it has not been removed from the app and stored.
Encrypted Documents
Share encrypted documents and images by using "Open in Chatterly". Simply open the document in Chatterly and the app takes care of the rest!
Mask images and documents so they are only visible when touched. This prevents unwanted views of private messages and prevents content being shared from within the app.
Create your own look and feel to reflect the individual you. Select an image from your photos as a wallpaper and create your own feel for the app.
Want to have some fun or find out what people really think? Want to solicit anonymous views from people? With anonymous posting you can chat and send documents anonymously.
Chatterly can be customized for corporate institutions in need of a secure inhouse messaging application. Features can be removed or added, access limited to company email addresses and logos and graphics customized.
How do I start a conversation with someone?
To start a conversation with someone, tap the pencil icon in the top right or scroll upwards to see your contact list. Then simply tap their name to start a conversation. You can also tap the magnifying glass icon to search, and to start a conversation with someone who isn't in your contacts, tap the plus icon.
How do I add people to an existing conversation?
Tap the More button while in a conversation, and then tap Members.
How do I leave a conversation?
To leave a conversation, swipe it to the left and press Leave Conversation.
How do I change my display name?
Tap the settings icon in the top left, and then tap Profile. Once you've changed it, tap Save.
How do I change the app's background?
Tap the settings icon in the top left, and then tap Custom Wallpaper.
Can I hide the message option bar with Anonymous, Mask and Autodestruct?
You can. Go to the iOS Settings app, and go to Chatterly. Remember to turn off any options in the bar first, since they will remain set even if the bar is hidden.
Can I hide unread messages from the home screen without going into the conversation?
Yes, you can either swipe messages to the left on the home screen to dismiss them, or you can tap it to open that conversation.
Can I open the app with the camera like in some other apps?
To make the app always start with the camera open, go to the iOS Settings app, tap Chatterly on the left, and enable "Open with camera".
Can I reverse the order of messages so that newest ones are on the top?
Yes, in the iOS Settings app, tap Chatterly on the left, and then enable "Sort messages top to bottom".
How do I send a photo to someone?
When you are in a conversation, you can tap the paperclip icon in the bottom right to send photos or videos. You can also tap the camera icon on the first screen, take a photo, and then choose a conversation or person to send the photo to.
How do I send a document from another app to someone?
If the app supports sending documents to other apps, you can tap "Open in Chatterly" in the other app. Once Chatterly opens, you can tap a conversation to send it to.
How do I improve the quality of images I send?
Tap the settings icon in the top left, and then tap Image Quality. To use the best possible quality (original size) choose Maximum. Images may take longer to send on Maximum.
How do I share a link to a conversation?
In a conversation, you can tap the More button and then Share Link. You can then copy, email, message, post to Twitter or Facebook, or share the link any way you like. You can even invite nearby people using AirDrop on supported devices, or post it online to host a public conversation. Anyone can join the conversation simply by clicking the link on their device. NOTE: Once the person who created a conversation leaves it, the conversation will be deleted and the link won't work anymore. To keep the link active, don't leave the conversation.
My friend has Chatterly and has me in their contacts, but when they try to chat with me it asks to invite me?
This can happen if you have more than one email address. Tap the settings icon in the top left, tap Profile, tap Addresses and add all your email addresses that you've shared with others. Your addresses are secure, and are never sent to the server. (They are hashed on the device)
How do I create a protected conversation?
All conversations are encrypted by default, but for stronger encryption you can add your own password. Tap the plus icon in the Conversations tab, and create a new conversation. If you add a password, everyone must know the password in order to view and chat in this conversation. Conversations with passwords are fully encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption, with a key that is derived from the password. The key is never stored on the device or sent to the server. Messages and documents are encrypted on the device before being sent, so even the server can't decrypt them. Also, push notifications in password protected conversations don't contain the message.
What identifying information is sent to the server?
The app uses hashed email addresses to identify people. Your addresses and your contacts' addresses are never sent to the server, except for verifying your address when you first install the app. Even then, the email address is not saved, and is removed from memory once the verification email has been sent. The only identifying information that is sent to the server is your Display Name, which is the name that others see.
Can I add an overall password to my app?
You can. Tap the settings icon in the top left, and type a password under App Password. You will be then asked for this password every time you enter the app. This doesn't affect conversations or anyone else's app.
When are messages and conversations deleted?
When a message is deleted, it is deleted from the server as well as everyone's device. Messages are deleted after 2 weeks, or when the sender deletes it. To delete a message, tap and hold on it, and then press Delete. You can also delete all your messages in a conversation by tapping More button in the top right in iOS, or the menu key in Android. The person who started a conversation can delete any message, and also has the option to delete all messages. Conversations and all it's messages are deleted from the server and all devices when the person who started it leaves.
Chatterly, the power to be you!
You value your individual uniqueness and value your privacy. You are free spirited, like to have fun, even be a bit naughty at times yet at all times be in control of your messages. You communicate on your terms and carefully guard your circle of friends. You like being organised. The power is in your hands. Get Chatterly, it's the private you.